September 2018

I did an interview with Maria at Telegram gallery about my practice and life in general over the last few years since finishing my MA.

July 2018

I did an interview with CNN style about my project Dans le Noir and the process and idea behind making the work as part of a new series of conversations between CNN Journalists and image makers around the World.  They created a video with snippets of the conversation, my images and video, Odette's spoken diary entry and some old archive from the D-Day landings.

June 2018

Phil Coomes from BBC pictures published Dans le Noir to coincide with the 74th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

June 2018

Newsnight featured some images and Odette's diary entry from 'Dans le Noir' on the 74th anniversary of the D-Day landings - the 6th June. 

Nov 2017

I worked with the incredible team over at metro imaging to print images from the series Dans le Noir directly on to silk, they wrote a piece about it which can be viewed here

July 2017

Fisheye magazine interviewed me about my project love itself will slumber on which I did on a residency in France

July 2017

Comharradh is featured on the incredible landscape photography collective's Inside the Outside site

June 2017

Comharradh (landmarks in English) has been featured online over at The Earth Issue Its a wonderful new magazine and website that showcases a number of environmental artists, there are some great projects on it

June 2017

I have an image from my project 'L'amour lui-même doit s'endormir' and a short interview featured on the BJP this week, its looking at photographers who are still working on film and their reasons for doing so.

May 2017

I was very surprised and honoured to be nominated for the Magnum graduate photographers award this year, and delighted to be listed amongst a number of dear chums.

March 2017

Arts Narratives have featured a project I did a few years back, it looks at the impact GM cotton seeds are having on farmers in India.  It was interesting to reflect on this project post MA.

Dec 2016

The London College of Communication (where I was luck enough to study my MA) has featured my project'L'amour lui-même doit s'endormir' (love itself shall slumber on).  It was a project I did on residency in Deauville in France and it was selected as the winner of the 'Planche(s) contact, Le Prix de la foundation Louis Roederer'

Sadly the editor decided to add quite a few of his own words in to final piece, I most certainly did not say I had a 'Eureka' moment, but anyway....

Oct 2016

I won a prize and gained ten years, all very exciting!

I made a body of work on a residency in Deauville about a building which was used as an orphanage to house children who had lost their father's to the sea.  The building sits empty now and is being demolished in 2017 to be turned in to a cultural centre.  I photographed all the remaining bedrooms which felt particularly poignant, each one was different, different curtains, different wallpaper, yet they all had the same sadness to them, this was accompanied with prints I had made in the sea, using the water as a lens, in a way I was trying to represent the lives of the lost sailors.

August 2016

L-oeil de la photographie, greetings from Deauville...

Jan 2016

In the run up to our MA final show, some of our work has been featured on the BBC in pictures, mine included!

'Laird's work is not only drawn from the land but is part of it. Her prints were created by the peat bogs and moorlands on the Isle of Lewis. By placing the photographic paper in the boggy water Laird has allowed the elements to permanently imprint themselves'.

March 2015

My project 'Urban Beekeeping' has been published in the environmental section of the Guardian.

May 2014

A long term project I did which looks at the impact GM cotton seeds are having on the life of Indian cotton farmers was recently published in the Global development section of the Guardian.

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