In 2001 a little boy was trafficked from Nigeria to London.

His body was found in the River Thames, next to the Globe Theatre.

His limbs were cut off, his blood drained, and his first vertebrae removed.

Little forensics remained.

Yet the police found traces of pollen in his intestines, as well as clay and crushed bones, all components identified with an African Ritual Killing.

This particular rite is enacted to create luck for the drinker of the potion containing the child’s remains.

Believers insist that the amount of luck each person has is finite.

Children have not yet used all of theirs.

The evidence suggested that the luck potion they created from the boy’s blood and bones was intended to protect human traffickers from the law.

The body was in the river for 10 days.

The boy was never identified, the case never solved.

If the tide had turned 2 more times, the boy would have reached the Sea.

The small prints were exposed in the water of the Thames along the journey the body took from Teddington to the Globe Theatre.

The large prints were exposed in water taken from Teddington where the body was initially placed.

All prints were toned with gold toner, an element found in the boy’s stomach.



    Poem by Abegail Morley

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